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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its official folks, I am a college graduate!

     Well, the day has finally come to put on the old cap n gown! It is amazing to finally finish a journey that started so many years ago. So much in my life has changed since the car backed out of the driveway and headed to Dixie. It was a year of learning both in school and about life. It gave me the opportunity to forge life long friendships and to learn about who I was. After that year I came back for the summer and then headed to Ukraine to teach English. While in Ukraine with my cousin we had the chance to learn so much about the world and to gain about 15 pounds (guess the freshman 15 came late). I came back to the states and got down to business at UVSC which then turned into UVU. Many headaches were suffered through assignments that seemed pointless, staying up late writing papers the day before they were due and hating every minute of math. BUT on April 29th it was all worth it. I made the trek to UVU for the last time. On the way out of the garage my husband started asking me if I spilled something on the floor of the car. He kept insisting that there was something sticky on the passenger floor carpet. I was looking down as we backed out of the garage and was staring to get frustrated because I couldn't see anything. Then after he had let the garage door close all of the way he just said "never mind" like nothing ever happened.

I was about to get mad when I saw that the garage door and the front of the house were decorated with a graduation banner and balloons. My amazing cousin had come by and decorated the house in the morning so I would see it before I left. So perfect, it got me all revved up for the days celebrations.After the drive down to UVU we filed into the graduation area and I tried to spot my family in the crowd.
Right before i walked across the stage.

Its all kind of anti climactic but worth it.
When the line got closer to the front my husband ran down and took a picture of me right before I walked across and got my diploma (holder). I was so excited when I finally spotted my family in the crowd. Hearing how proud of me my parents were brought so much emotion to me that it threatened to destroy my otherwise flawless eye make-up. We finally finished the ceremony and headed to Brick Oven for a delicious post graduation lunch.

Papa Kearl!

Oh man he is good lookin!!! love me some husband!

My Parents are so silly!

That's my gradumacation loot!
That night a few of us got together to go see Fast Five (because I love my husband so much). We played a little Dance Dance Revolution or DDR as us insiders call it while we waited for the movie, enjoyed some amazing kettle corn and watched the flick. Now that I am finally done with school and don't have to drive down to UVU at 7 every Saturday morning I can finally have a day to sleep in with my husband.

oh just me getting my ddr on.
 So all in all it was a success! boom baybeee hahaha


  1. yay! so proud of you al! best feeling ever. LOVE YOU!

  2. Wahoooo!!! You're ALL DONE!!!!! I'm so happy for you! It really IS the best feeling ever! FREEDOM!!! Congrats you hott woman you!

  3. Congratulations!!! :D That is so exciting!

  4. Love it. Ha are those by chance reenactment graduation decoration pictures?? Ha jk, you did a great job. And I'm so glad I could be there for your congraduation celebrations!! Don't worry, I got you added back onto my blog...not sure what happened.